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change the world graffiti digital art by BZTAT

Art by BZTAT

The 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT attributed the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 to a “failure of imagination”. A lack of creative thinking across a wide spectrum of disciplines (intelligence, defense strategy, communications technology, politics, etc.) failed us, leading to the most egregious terrorist attack in modern times.

Creative Thinking is not only desirable for societal change, it is ESSENTIAL.

Artists have been forwarding CHANGE since the beginning of mankind, and their works have compelled change throughout all periods of human history.  Not only do artists have creative vision and a passion for communicating ideas in unique forms, their creative efforts have the power to move and motivate people towards action.

ACTIVISTS need creativity in order to set fire to their ideas in people reluctant to change.

EDUCATORS need creativity in order to capture the interests and imaginations of their students.

NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS need creativity in order to motivate staff, volunteers and funders to engage in their missions with purpose and conviction.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS need creativity in order to evolve with the times and effectively meet the needs of those they serve.

RESEARCHERS AND INVENTORS need creativity to find innovative solutions to current problems.

EACH AND EVERYONE OF US needs creativity to serve our purpose of contributing compassionately to the world in which we live.


 As an artist and as an activist myself, and after working in social service systems for over 20 years, I have developed unique insights and skills to offer others seeking to be more creative and innovative in their efforts to CHANGE THE WORLD.

I am CREATIVITY EXPERT. You are an EXPERT in your area of CHANGE. Put our talents together, and we can RIP OUT THE SEAMS of the status quo and bring about CUTTING EDGE INNOVATIONS that will IGNITE YOUR MOVEMENT.

RIPPING OUT THE SEAMS programming is tailored specifically to your organization or movement’s needs, including:

  • Dialogues Murals – collaborative artworks created with organizations, companies, conferences, etc. to artistically render the energy of an event or activity.
  • Staff/Volunteer Development and Team Building – using creative activities to emphasize specific initiatives and to foster a culture of creativity and innovation among your staff and/or volunteers.
  • Arts Integrated Strategic Planning – integrating creative activities into your strategic planning process as a catalyst for creative ideas and to enhance understanding of visionary thinking.
  • Creativity Workshops to encourage creative approaches to leadership, community collaborations, event planning, marketing, etc.
  • Conference Presentations – public speaking integrating arts activities to promote creative learning and to motivate action towards mutual goals.
  • Short Talks for creative inspiration.
  • Individual and Group Coaching – engagement with specific individuals to enhance creative leadership skills and project innovation.
  • Community Arts Education and Arts Integration Leadership – working with community groups to promote community collaborations between arts, education, social service, business and government sectors.
  • Commissioned Artwork and Curatorial Services to assist you in designing your organization’s decor or developing exhibits and other arts events to promote your mission.
  • Public Art designed to promote your mission or cause.

*Note: All services will entail professional fees. If needed, I will work with you in securing grants and supporting crowd funding projects to cover fees.

Contact me using the form below to see what creative experience we can design together for YOUR organization or movement!

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