Creativity for Individuals


woman student artist creating collage“You can do anything you want, even if you are being told negative things. Stay strong and find motivation.” ~ Misty Copeland, dancer

We all aspire to greatness in some way. Whether we dream of being a ballerina, an actor on the big screen, a musician on a stage, or a painter whose works are in museums, we all seek a spark of creativity that will elevate us beyond what we consider our mundane lives.

Aspirations are often left unfulfilled, however. Only truly unique individuals with exceptional talent and unusual perseverance actually realize the kinds of dreams we all have about pursuing creative excellence.

Regardless of where our creative pursuits take us, however, there is always room to add more creative energy to our lives. You do not have to be the greatest dancer, musician, actor, artist, etc. to achieve creative brilliance in your life. You DO, however, need creativity to bring meaning and purpose to your life endeavors.

Are you looking to add more creativity to your life? Are you seeking to enhance your personal or professional life through creative activity? RIPPING OUT THE SEAMS programming will help you rip out what confines you and create new pathways towards personal and professional growth.

RIPPING OUT THE SEAMS programming is tailored specifically to your  needs, including:

  • Creativity Workshops to encourage creative approaches to enhancing personal growth, develop leadership skills and maximize personal relationships.
  • Conference Presentations – public speaking with arts activities to promote creative learning and to encourage creative visualization.
  • Short Talks with small groups for creative inspiration.
  • Individual and Group Coaching – engagement with specific individuals to enhance creative leadership skills and personal growth goals.
  • Art classes with a focus on activities that enhance personal growth.

Contact me using the form below if you would like to learn more about programming for maximizing your individual creative potential.


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