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Cleveland Business District Digital Art by BZTAT

Art by BZTAT

What do the Arts have to offer businesses and organizations seeking to become more competitive in the ever-evolving 21st Century Marketplace?


These are the buzzwords of 21st Century businesses. Like all buzzwords and cliche’s, they are overused and frequently taken out of context. There is value in these words, however, else they would have never gained traction among those seeking guidance in business leadership.

The irony in these words, however, is that, as revolutionary as they may seem to the world of business, they are terms that have described ARTISTS for thousands of years.

Artists have been THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX since ancient times. The Maya Civilization was a CULTURE OF CREATIVITY, with its SUSTAINED creative works enabling us to learn about the origins of human culture.

Artists such as Al Wei Wei and Banksy are modern THOUGHT LEADERS, compelling societal change through their provocative words and works. Leonardo Da Vinci was the ultimate THOUGHT LEADER and INNOVATOR, forwarding the disciplines of science, medicine and business as well as his chosen field of visual art.

The Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot embodies the word DISRUPT, challenging the contemporary Russian government to contend with issues they sought to obscure.

There is no more enduring BRAND IDENTITY than that of Homer, and HERDING CATS? Who has brought more life to that cliche’ than T.S. Elliot and Andrew Lloyd Weber?

Let’s face it. Artists have been doing what businesses are now seeing as BEST PRACTICES since the beginning of time. You and your business can learn A LOT from them.

Businesses and organizations need to gain the capacities that have been practiced by artists for thousands of years. According to the Adobe State of Create Study, “8 in 10 people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth and nearly two-thirds of respondents feel creativity is valuable to society, yet a striking minority – only 1 in 4 people – believe they are living up to their own creative potential.” Numerous factors intercede in our efforts to become more creative as individuals and as organizations. But creativity can be taught, and it can be learned.

I am a CREATIVITY EXPERT. You are a BUSINESS EXPERT. Put our talents together, and we can RIP OUT THE SEAMS of the status quo and bring about CUTTING EDGE INNOVATIONS that will give you the competitive edge you are seeking.

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RIPPING OUT THE SEAMS programming is tailored specifically to your businesses needs, including:

  • Dialogues Murals – collaborative artworks created with organizations, companies, conferences, etc. to artistically render the energy of an event or activity.
  • Staff Development and Team Building – using creative activities to emphasize specific initiatives and to foster a culture of creativity and innovation among your workforce.
  • Arts Integrated Strategic Planning – integrating creative activities into your strategic planning process as a catalyst for creative ideas and to enhance understanding of visionary thinking.
  • Creativity Workshops to encourage creative approaches to leadership, community collaborations, new product development, marketing, etc.
  • Conference Presentations – public speaking integrating arts activities to promote creative learning.
  • Short Talks for creative inspiration.
  • Individual and Group Coaching – engagement with specific individuals to enhance creative leadership skills and project innovation.
  • Community Arts Education and Arts Integration Leadership – working with community groups to promote community collaborations between arts, education, business and technology sectors.
  • Commissioned Artwork and Curatorial Services to assist you in designing your business’s decor with professional artworks to foster a culture of creativity.

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